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Testing Cannabis Potency at Coffeeshop Bushdocter with Purpl Pro

Last month we began testing the potency of cannabis flowers from various Amsterdam Coffeeshops. For our first testing we brought the Purpl Pro by Purpl Scientific to Coffeeshop Bushdocter to analyze cannabis potency of strains off their menu.

The strains Coffeeshop Bushdocter are pretty well known to us. We have offered many educational workshops inside the shops smoking areas, including pressing dabs at our Coffeeshop Rosin Press events. Coffeeshop Bushdocter’s products are always reeking of dankness and high in THC content. It was nice to validate our experience based knowledge with actual analyzed results. 

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We tested 3 of their USA imported strains: Gushers, Pink Runtz, & White Runtz. All of which tested 20% or higher in THC content!

Gushers: 23%

Gushers is a strain bred for the Cookies family from USA. It is a cross of Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. It was a treat to sample this in Amsterdam. The creamy kush flavored strain’s THC potency tested at 23% with Purpl Pro.

Pink Runtz: 20%

The next strain we conducted a potency test on was Pink Runtz. Coffeeshop Bushdocter’s Pink Runtz is a strain we have reviewed previously, so we were aware of its strong medicinal effects. It’s a delicious dessert flavored strain, with grape and berry scents. See the full strain description here. This strains potency tested at 20% THC with Purpl Pro.

Last month we traveled to Coffeeshop Bushdocter with Purpl Pro to test cannabis potency with Purpl Pro by Purpl Scientific. We tested Pink Runtz.
Pink Runtz at Coffeeshop Bushdocter

White Runtz: 26%

Coffeeshop Bushdocter co-manager Matteo tells us that this is his favorite strain and that it should test the highest of the three cannabis samples. Sure enough, the Purpl Pro registered 26% THC for White Runtz, confirming Matteo’s statement!

Last month we traveled to Coffeeshop Bushdocter with Purpl Pro to test cannabis potency with Purpl Pro by Purpl Scientific. We tested White Runtz Runtz.
White Runtz at Coffeeshop Bushdocter.

It was great testing the cannabis potency of flowers from Coffeeshop Bushdocter. These 3 strains are a few of many dank treats on their menu. Interested in viewing the menu? Check out Coffeeshop Bushdocter’s menu.

We will be exploring other Amsterdam coffeeshops to test their flowers. Make sure to check back for more test results with Purpl Pro’s instant cannabis potency analysis device.

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