• Forbidden Fruit, California Strain

    Strain Review: Forbidden Fruit (Flower)

    Any 90s kids remember the drink Tang? It’s back… reinvented into a cannabis strain! Well, not exactly. However, that is what one tastes and smells when puffin’ this loud. Forbidden […] More

  • Apple Pie Strain, Alien Genetics

    Strain Review: Apple Pie (Flower)

    Sometimes we like cannabis to taste like sour candy. Big shout out to Alien Genetics for pairing the ever so sour & legendary strain “Sour Apple” w/ Twisty Seeds “Slymer” to […] More

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    Strain Review: K2 (Flower)

    Strain: K2 (Flower)Source: Coffeeshop Omigo (Arnhem)Price: €8 per gram This cannabis strain must not to be mistaken with the dangerous synthetic spice, K2. The K2 strain is an old school […] More

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    Strain Review: Slurricane (Flower)

    A tasty combination Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch, this indica dominant hybrid is heavy in aroma. Slurricane’s green, purple, and orange hair camouflage nugs are covered in creamy trichomes. To the […] More