Artist Spotlight: Sensai

Artist Spotlight: Sensai

Sensai returns for his first gig in over 4 years! This is truly a special set and Sound Solution is absolutely thrilled to present you with such a unique and long-awaited night of music!

If you consider yourself a drum n bass raver and don’t know Sensai, you need to get yourself back to school! This don came into the scene in the late 2000s with a vengeance and quickly gained recognition from the top. Sensai has received track support from virtually all of the top dogs in the scene including names the likes of Hype, Grooverider, Doctor P, Funtcase, Logan D, Turno, Majistrate, Guv, Spice, Rowney, and many others! Sensai is a member of the Low Down Deep crew with celebrated releases and also has massive tracks on Heist‘s Calypso Muzak and DJ SPICE‘s Foundation Music to name a few. Some of Sensai’s other accomplishments include collabs as Bluefoot with Genetix (fka. Hoax & Tron), a plethora of collabs with Heist, and official remixes of tunes by names including Micky Finn, Erb n Dub, and Johnny L (which was featured on UKF Drum & Bass). Considered to be a Drumstep legend, he also paved the way for the Drumstep sounds we know today. Sensai has had a massive presence at raves and festivals and will take the energy of this rave to the highest dimension.

Sensai has been relatively silent over the last several years, which has lead any die hard dnb lover to ask, “will he return?”. Well ladies and gentlemen, the day has arrived! Catch the return of legend Sensai on 18 August at Cosmic Gamma Rave at PKHS, Netherlands. Assemble your rave crew! Group ticket bundles now available!

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