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Feature img - connect blowin' biscotti

Blowin’ Biscotti – Connected Cannabis Co – THC Lanzarote

Biscotti is a twist on the famous gelato variety, bred by Connected Cannabis Co., specifically for Cookies. This indica dominant variety is a cross between Gelato 25 and South Florida OG. 

We sourced this Blowin’ Biscotti by Connected Cannabis Co. all the way in Lanzarote, Spain, at THC Social Club.

Connected’s Blowin’ Biscotti has a nearly camouflage appearance because of the way its forest green and pastel cream flowers are concealed by extremely desert sand trichomes and pale orange pistils.

The aroma of Connected Biscotti is similar to that of vanilla dough cream, with a hint of fermented fruits. When you crack open a nug, the sour, pungent sweetness of the cannabis bursts out.

Your grinder will need some cleaning after a few break ups, because the teeth will start to stick like they are dipped in superglue. 

When describing the taste of this cultivar, one must understand that it contains not much of an anise flavor like the authentic Italian biscotti cookie. However, Connected Biscotti is robust in flavor. Notes of chocolate and coffee begin to fill the room when the Biscotti session begins.

Due to its calming effects, Biscotti can be enjoyed with a cup of cappuccino or doppio, much like how one would enjoy a traditional biscotti cookie. Just make sure to not dip the bud in your coffee before consumption, or you’ll be pretty upset!

This extra terpy, kicked-up gelato variant packs a one-two punch of impacts. After consumption, you can anticipate a strong effect. It is so strong in terpenes and has such a high concentration of THC that it causes forehead sweating that is comparable to what you could experience after taking a large dab.

Unquestionably, Connected Biscotti is highly medicinal in nature. Some of the conditions that may respond favorably to this variety could support include sinus relief, IBS, and anxiety.


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