On 26 October, 2019 the brands come together to raise awareness of the hemp industry!​

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As we get closer to legalization in New York, we feel it is appropriate to bring a harvest vibe to our Halloween event. Harvest will feature a variety of sponsors within the CBD & Hemp industry, guest speakers, local merchandise vendors, artisans, chefs, and DJs and live bands. 

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The event will happen at Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center, located at 562 Genesee Street in Buffalo, New York on October 26 2019. Proceeds will go towards fighting the opioid crisis.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Sponsors@AudioKushHQ.com for information. 

Vending space is available. Contact Vendors@AudioKushHQ.com for information. 


It has become apparent that there is something missing in our community. While holidays are largely perceived as a time to enjoy oneself while spending time with loved ones, we have come to witness a serious problem in the City of Good Neighbors. Our party scene has become overwhelmed by negative influences which take us away from the true spirit of any celebration. We have witnessed a great deal of pain and this is why we feel the need to take action. The health and wellness of our community is of the utmost importance. Without one’s health, an individual, and in the larger sense, a community, cannot live to their full potential and truly enjoy the holidays as they are meant to be. Many changes are currently happening in New York State and we feel that it is important to embrace such changes as they help us to promote the well being of our neighbors, allowing us to grow as a strong community. 

As New York gears up for legalization, it is essential to educate the public about the Hemp industry. Regardless of an individual’s perception, this industry already has a large hold upon the area, meaning it is prudent for all to educate themselves regarding legalities and the reasons why this movement is occurring worldwide. Education is the most important tool we possess and any opportunity can be made into a meaningful learning experience. When individuals are given knowledge and treated respectfully, they are able to make well-informed decisions and act in their own best interest. 



Audio Kush is an international media organization, dedicated to promoting the arts and cannabis culture. Audio Kush is of the orientation that the cannabis plant is medicinal in nature and, when used correctly, can be life saving and have great impact upon many conditions which plague society. Here at Audio Kush, it is our duty to inform the public of the changes and advances happening in the world of cannabis, enabling them to make well informed decisions for their best interest. Audio Kush works tirelessly to raise awareness of cannabis culture by means of research, reporting, and hosting events internationally. Audio Kush has partnerships across the cannabis industry ranging from coffeeshops, event organizers, dispensaries, and activists. We welcome partnerships with other organizations which share our mission or normalizing cannabis culture and making information and high quality products accessible to the general public, while expressing a deep appreciation for the culture around which it has developed..