Puffco Peak Pro


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The Peak Pro represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technology.

For the beginner, it’s the most efficient and seamless way to experience the magic of concentrates. For the connoisseur, it offers the highest level of customization and control to dial in the exact experience you’re looking for.


Product Description

The new Peak Pro is an electronic dab rig with a chic design and simple operating system. The Chamber contains a unique sensor that communicates with the Peak Pro to keep a steady temperature exactly. The new Oculus Carb Cap features a crystal clear window that allows users to monitor the heated wax.

Bluetooth app capability
Wireless Charging
Real-time Temperature Control
Live display
LED lights with a pulse, wave, and disco settings
Auto-sleep functions
30-session battery life
2-hour fast charging
30-second heat-up
Loading tool
Dual Tools (5)
AC Adapter
USB-C Cable
Jacket & Tether
Oculus Carb Cap
Peak Pro Base
Carrying Case
Temp setup:
White – 590˚F
Red – 554˚F
Yellow – 518˚F
Blue – 482˚F

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