USA Squash Off Heads to Amsterdam!

Uncle Stoner is bringing his USA Squash Off competition overseas to Europe! This live, interactive rosin pressing competition is taking place on Saturday, 18th May, 2019, during the Jack Herer Cup weekend in Amsterdam!

The USA Squash Off made its debut in Calfornia at the Chalice Cup. During the competition, cannabis is judged in front of an audience. Judges award scores and explain the reasoning behind their scores to the audience. The cannabis is then squashed into rosin and rejudged. Rosin pressing is a method of making cannabis concentrate which requires only heat and pressure, unlike many other methods which often rely upon solvents or potentially complicated or expensive machinery.

Each part of the competition, I try and immerse the audience into it. They can sit there and hear what the judges say when they smell the flower; if they like the terpene profile, if they don’t. Then the audience can ask them questions or usually if they don’t, I ask them questions. Kinda interact. Get that knowledge back out there. And then when they look under the trichomes, usually we’ll have it up on-screen so the audience can see what the judge is looking at. So if they say it was pulled early or some of the heads were busted, you obviously know. And then they can ask; ‘why is that good?’ ‘Why is that bad?’ But all of it’s just to get everybody involved and bring back that knowledge. They get to see, they get the immersion; they’re part of the process of this plant being judged. They get the knowledge from these experts and that we have.”

Uncle Stoner, Candid Chronicle, 2018

The Squash Off is scheduled to happen at Akhnaton (Nieuwezijds Kolk 25, 1012 PV Amsterdam), a spacious nightclub with a tantalizing attached vegan café, situated next to Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District, on 18 May, 2019. Audio Kush will be setting up our Kushware dab station and vendor booth. Come get squishy with us!

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