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  • Strains: White Widow

    White Widow is a 60/40 hybrid strain that gained popularity in the mid-90s after its first (of many) award at High Time Cannabis Cup in 1995, placing 1st in the […] More

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  • Strain Review: Pink Runtz (Flower)

    Strain: Pink RuntzLineage: Top Secret GeneticsSource: Coffeeshop The Bushdocter Remember that first one hit wonder nug you picked up when you were younger? One puff of Pink Runtz and you […] More

  • Strain Review: Super Hiya (Hash)

    High up in the mountains of Morocco, a hash maker is sieving trichomes to produce the lovely import hash we have grown to know inside Dutch coffeeshops. Super Hiya, is […] More

  • Strain Review: Banana Sativa (Flower)

    While you’re brewing your morning coffee, you may want to check out this sativa dominant strain! Holy Smokes Seeds took the infamous Banana OG and isolated its sativa genetics. Now […] More

  • Strain Review: Snow White (Flower)

    Snow White is a 65% indica / 35% sativa cross between White Widow & Northern Lights. Its fat nugs are covered full in cream colored crystals. Snow White has an […] More

  • Strain Review: Critical (Hash)

    This premium grade import hash is soft in texture and dark brown in color. Critical Hash provides an intense body buzz with a heavy head high. It is not suggested […] More

  • Strain Review: Motorbreath (Flower)

    This extra Chem flavored indica strain is a must have for any kush lover. A cross of Chemdog D & SFV OG, Motorbreath is packed with those classic, gassy OG […] More

  • Lemon Haze, Coffeeshop 't Kunsje, Nijmegen

    Strain Review: Lemon Haze (Flower)

    When life gives you lemons, it better be Lemon Haze. This extra zesty haze is reminiscent of lemon head sour candies. Once smoked you taste a hint of sweetness, like […] More

  • Forbidden Fruit, California Strain

    Strain Review: Forbidden Fruit (Flower)

    Any 90s kids remember the drink Tang? It’s back… reinvented into a cannabis strain! Well, not exactly. However, that is what one tastes and smells when puffin’ this loud. Forbidden […] More

  • S5 Haze, Coffeeshop De Walm, Nijmegen

    Strain Review: S5 Haze (Flower)

    Houston, we have lift off… with a full-on sativa blast. Get ready to explore the deep depths of space after consuming this trichome glistening haze. S5 Haze is packed with […] More

  • Powerplant Hash, Coffeeshop Bushdocter, Amsterdam

    Strain Review: Power Plant (Ice-o-lator Hash)

    The sativa dominant strain Power Plant derives from South African genetics. This pungent, piney, & citrus strain provides a clear headed, elevated sensation. Medically, this strain is known to combat […] More

  • Apple Pie Strain, Alien Genetics

    Strain Review: Apple Pie (Flower)

    Sometimes we like cannabis to taste like sour candy. Big shout out to Alien Genetics for pairing the ever so sour & legendary strain “Sour Apple” w/ Twisty Seeds “Slymer” to […] More

  • Amnesia Haze, Coffeeshop 't Kunsje, Nijmegen

    Strain Review: Amnesia Haze (Flower)

    Amnesia haze is easily the most popular strain in Netherlands. This nug from Coffeeshop t’ Kunsje is a perfect example of why this is. The buds glisten with trichomes, sticking out […] More


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