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Master Bong at The Jack Herer Cup

Audio Kush caught up with Master Bong after the Jack Herer Awards. The entertainer’s vivacious personality and witty puns kept the crowd energized throughout a lengthy awards ceremony, culminating with Coffeeshop Easy Times’ taking home the trophy for Best Coffeeshop!

Master Bong had much to share with Audio Kush regarding his time in the Netherlands, spent judging entries for the Jack Herer Cup, his future plans as the “McGyver of Pot”, and the details of how his Master Bong project came to be what it is today.

Master Bong’s Doobie Disk!

The Doobie Disk is just one of Master Bong’s creative smoking devices made from every day objects. Master Bong takes great pride in crafting workable smoking devices from items he finds throughout his travels. Nothing is off limits. The Master has created smoking apparatuses from all types of commonplace items, ranging from simple bottles to Starburst candies, a water blaster, and a fishing rod, just to name a few!

Credit: @Master Bong

Last week, Master Bong’s innovation was a custom made “Backwood Nectar Collector”, fashioned from a Kushware dab collector and Backwood Blunt!

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