Medication Menus

MEDICATION MENU: Coffeeshop Bagheera – Amsterdam (31 May, 2019)

On our first edition of Medication Menus, we present Coffeeshop Bagheera. This menu is diverse in flavor. Whether you like your Netherlands favorite Amnesia, a terpinoline rich strain like Orange Cookies, exotic Cali import strains such as Wedding Cake, or Moroccan import hash like Somango, Bagheera has you covered! Perhaps you’re just in need of a sweet late night treat. Why not grab a delicious Kush Tart or a White Widow Space Muffin to send you off wandering the canals? Bagheera is a must on anyone’s Amsterdam wishlist!

Coffeeshop Bagheera is located at Kloveniersburgwal 60 Amsterdam, Netherlands.