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Product Review: Greengo Eco Rolling Tray

Greengo Products’ Eco Rolling tray won a second place trophy for ‘Best Product’ at Amsterdam’s Inaugural edition of the Jack Herer Cup. This eco-friendly tray is made of recycled THC plastics, used from cannabis packaging and storage (you can even see the residual THC in the plastic!). This tray features a built-in rolling station and two distinct areas to break up and examine your smoke. It is compact and durable, which is a good thing as you will want to bring this handy tray everywhere you go! We are proud to support a company that delivers fine, environmentally-friendly smoking products.

Images: Weed Feed NL

Greengo also provided several other product samples which included their Eco Cones and Eco Grinders. Greengo Pre Rolled Cones are all natural,  100% chlorine and chemical free, and unbleached rolling papers, paired with Greengo’s recycled, unbleached filter tips for your smoking convenience!

Image: Greengo Distribution

Making Greengo Eco Grinders & Rolling Trays:

Greengo’s Eco products are carefully made using recycled plastics and a practical, refined method of production.




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