Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam Winners Announced!

The winners have been announced for Amsterdam’s inaugural edition of The Jack Herer Cup. The Cup culminated with an awards ceremony along the canals of Amsterdam at the Hardrock Cafe, hosted by Master Bong of California.

The ceremony was held at 20:00 on Friday 17 May, 2019 at the Hardrock Cafe Amsterdam, which is the sole venue of Jack Herer Cups worldwide. The VIP judges entered the Hardrock on the Green Carpet after a limousine ride to the venue. The ceremony opened with the introduction of Ben Dronkers, founder of Sensai Seeds, who was awarded the lifetime achievement award. Ben kicked the ceremony in the proper fashion, energizing the crowd with the chant in honor of Jack Herer. “Hemp hemp hooray!”

The awards ceremony followed a day of activities which included a smoke boat canal cruise, a tour of Amsterdam’s Cannabis Museum, and exhibits, demonstrations, and giveaways from the sponsors of the event inside of the Hardrock Café.

Judging was conducted by a panel of industry judges and also VIP guest judges who toured coffeeshops to sample the entries for cup. Consumers were also able to have their opinions heard by voting online for their favorite products,

Award categories included Best Jack Herer Flower, Best Sativa Flower, Best Indica Flower, Best Hybrid Flower, Best Import Hash, Best Neder Hash, Best Pre-Roll, Best CBD Flower, Best CBD Product, Best Edible, Best Product, Best International Product, and Best Coffeeshop.

2019 Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam Winners

Music: Exploid- “Ganja Dub” (Out now on Sound Solution)

Best Jack Herer Flower:
Jacky White by Greenhouse Secret Farmers

Best Sativa Flower:
1ST Place: Silver Haze by Relax

Best Sativa Flower:
2ND Place: Moonshine by Espresso

Best Sativa Flower:
3RD Place: Lemon Haze by Dreamland

Best Indica Flower:
1ST Place: Purple Kosher Kush by Easy Times

Best Indica Flower:
2ND Place: Rude Boi OG by Greenhouse Secret Farmers

Best Indica Flower:
3RD Place: Blueberry Muffin by Get Down To It

Best Hybrid Flower:
1ST Place: Dancehall by Siberie

Best Hybrid Flower:
2ND Place: Dreamgold by Dreamland

Best Hybrid Flower:
3RD Place: Purple Fruit Punch by Family First

Best Import Hash:
1ST Place: NIQA by Original Dampkring

Best Import Hash:
2ND Place: Cream by Papillon

Best Import Hash:
3RD Place: Zero-Zero by Catch 33

Best Neder Hash:
1ST Place: Zkittlez Wax by Family First

Best Neder Hash:
2ND Place: OG Slugger by Original Dampkring

Best Neder Hash:
3RD Place: Kosher Kush Ice by Easy Times

Best Pre-Roll:
1ST Place: Cali’s Pure by The Plug

Best CBD Flower:
1ST Place: Charlotte’s Dream by Grower’s Choice

Best CBD Product:
1ST Place: Landracer C3 MCT by Greenhouse Secret Farmers

Best Edibe:
1ST Place: Spacetry Special Edition by Boerejongens

Best Product:
1ST Place: Bio Organic Hemp Cones by Mountainhigh Cones

Best International Product:
1ST Place: Mini Plus Vaporizer by Exxus

Best Coffeeshop:
1ST Place: Easy Times

Best Coffeeshop:
2ND Place: Boerejongens Sloterdijk

Best Coffeeshop:
3RD Place: Prix D’Ami

The Jack Herer Cup began in Las Vegas in memory of cannabis activist Jack Herer, “The Hemperor”. More information regarding the cup and entries to future cups can be found online. View full participant list.