Amnesia Haze, Coffeeshop 't Kunsje, Nijmegen

Strain Review: Amnesia Haze (Flower)

Amnesia haze is easily the most popular strain in Netherlands. This nug from Coffeeshop t’ Kunsje is a perfect example of why this is. The buds glisten with trichomes, sticking out like the north star. With the naked eye you can see light glitter across this robust nugget. When you split it in half it feels and sounds like your peeling velcro apart. The scent can be described as a minty lemon citrus. Amnesia Haze flowers are light green colors covered in creamy yellow trichomes and bright orange hairs.

Bred by Soma, Amnesia Haze is a sativa dominant cross of legendary landraces; Afghani Hawaiian, Laos, & Jamaica. This strain is a perfect pick me up in the morning. Take a few puffs and instantly feel creativity flowing through your veins.