Strain Review, Motorbreath, Coffeeshop Bushdocter, Amsterdam

Strain Review: Motorbreath (Flower)

This extra Chem flavored indica strain is a must have for any kush lover. A cross of Chemdog D & SFV OG, Motorbreath is packed with those classic, gassy OG terps with a splash of citrus. Medicinal uses include relief for chronic pain, depression, and insomnia. The buds are extremely resinous, giving off a sharp pungent desiel aroma. Numb your senses with Motorbreath. Each rip brings you to another level of euphoria.

This nug was found at Coffeeshop Bushdocter in Amsterdam. Coffeeshop Bushdocter is located at Thorbeckeplein 28, 1017 CS Amsterdam. Want to know what else is on Bushdocter’s menu? Click here to view recent Bushdocter coffeeshop menu updates.