Coronavirus could shut down coffeeshops

Coronavirus May Force Netherlands Coffeeshops To Close. We Suggest Stocking Up!

Coffeeshops have already begun to take precautionary measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Several shops are now only accepting payments by pin. That means no more cash. If you are a tourist, this could cause major problems because this means you will have to use a European bank card.

The international travel credit card you picked up for your vacation might not get you your bud! What to do next? You can’t open a Dutch bank account unless you are a resident. Perhaps you should befriend someone who lives here. But then you risk the chance of contracting the bug! We simply don’t have a solution for this potential problem just yet. We suggest you stock up on your supply before the coffeeshops start to close.

Empty shelves at Aldi in Nijmegen

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