Cuomo Embarks Upon Tour Of Cannabis States

Cuomo Embarks Upon Tour Of Cannabis States Paving Way For New York Legalization

New York’s own, Governor Andrew Cuomo will be taking his team on a multi-state tour of states which have legalized recreational cannabis with an ultimate goal of furthering New York’s cannabis legislation to make way for legal recreational cannabis.

The Cuomo team will head to Massachusetts and Illinois, as well as either California or Colorado with the aim of examining each state’s approach to the legalization of cannabis and to meet with representatives from each state to “discuss what they’ve done, what’s worked, and what hasn’t worked.”

“Has the social equity piece worked? Has the law enforcement piece worked? So that we have the best bill and the best system when we pass it, and I want to pass it by April 1.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York in regards to recreational cannabis legalization