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All profits generated from the sales of the AudioKush fundraiser campaign items will be donated to a well-researched and well-respected organization working to bring aid to the community.

For the pride month campaign, this typically would involve a national or international LGBTQ+ organization. For this particular edition however, we will be accepting community nominations for legitimate LGBTQ+ affiliated businesses, services, and community organizations in need.

“The logic behind this move comes after much thought about the large proportion of businesses and organizations currently struggling due to the ongoing global pandemic. Big name organizations are generally more likely to get the resources and donations they need to help their communities since there is more awareness of them to potential donors. Often during times of mass struggle, small organizations with the potential to be just as valuable to the community have a tendency to be overlooked. Because of this, it seems prudent to open this opportunity to organizations we may be unfamiliar with, so they are not excluded from an opportunity to receive needed support.”

Organizations and consumers of community services seeking nomination for a chance to receive the profits from the fundraiser may apply for consideration on AudioKush HQ until Monday June 28, 2021.

After the June 28 deadline for submissions, these organizations will be carefully researched and evaluated for legitimacy. Approved nominations will then be up to the vote of the general public from July 1 – July 15, 2021, with the winner announced on July 16, 2021.


Please note that while we are an international news, media, and lifestyle organization based out of the cannabis industry, the winning organization DOES NOT need to be affiliated with the cannabis industry. Please consider adding any cannabis industry businesses, foundations, events, and job postings, as well as restaurants, galleries, and wellness organizations to our online business directory.