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Hundreds in UK Seek Private Medical Clinics in Hopes of Getting Medical Marijuana

Since Medical Cannabis was legalized in the UK in November 2018, very few have received a prescription. Physicians are still reluctant to prescribe cannabis to patients who would benefit from it, due to its controversial status and a lack of education regarding the medicinal nature the plant possesses. Patients have been forced to turn to private medical clinics in order to get a prescription for medical marijuana.

While the self-proclaimed “cannabis experts” working at these clinics claim that cannabis is a natural and necessary medicine for many conditions, the prescriptions they provide can cost anywhere between £600 and £800.

“This is the only way patients who are in significant need can get access to this medicine,” states Professor Mike Barnes, a consultant neurologist and medical cannabis specialist.

Nothing Has Happened, Nothing Has Changed

Only two patients are believed to have been given a prescription from the UK’s National Health Service and they are both believed to be children. “Nothing has happened, nothing has changed [since the legalization],” Cheryl Keen, a mother fighting to get medical cannabis for her daughter who has severe epilepsy told BBC((((Image: The Whiskey Journal)))).