Cuomo Hints Banning Smokable Cannabis

Is Cuomo Manipulating Legalization To Benefit Big Business?

On Sunday, Governor Cuomo was interviewed live on MSNBC by Kendis Gibson. During this interview the governor was questioned if the recent deaths caused by vaping illicit carts are leading him to reconsider marijuana legalization statewide.

His responses are extremely frightening.

“You can legalize marijuana and sell THC in compounds that do not require you to smoke the marijuana, and we do not support smoking of marijuana,” he said. “There are compounds that have the THC, which is a compound in marijuana, that you don’t smoke.”

Cuomo states live on MSNBC

It’s shocking how Cuomo can manipulate this fear into banning a medicine that can be grown organically in any home or garden. It would appear that Governor Cuomo is attempting to utilize this vaping “fear” for all the wrong reasons.

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