Coffeeshop Birdy in Haarlem has just announced that it will be offering take away. For now, can now pickup cannabis and hash from the coffeeshop.

Coffeeshops Prepare To Reopen For Take Away Cannabis After Government Shut Down

Just yesterday, the Prime Minister of Netherlands announced major shutdowns across a variety of industries, including coffeeshops. Now, coffeeshops are preparing to reopen as early as tomorrow! Some have even started opening already.

You’ve heard it here first! At 7pm, Prime Minister Mark Rutte will make an announcement. Den Haag’s Coffeeshop No Limit tells Audio Kush, “we can open only for take away. 19:00 today, the Prime Minister will speak on television” to make an official statement. In this announcement to the country, he will state that coffeeshops will be aloud to reopen tomorrow for take away cannabis & hash orders. We decided to share the news early!

Coffeeshop Birdy in Haarlem reopens. They have just announced that it will be offering take away. You can now pick up cannabis and hash from the coffeeshop.
Coffeeshop Birdy reopens

Amsterdam Coffeeshops reopen early
Coffeeshop DNA
Coffeeshop Solo
Coffeeshop The Corner
Coffeeshop The Stud

Haarlem Coffeeshops reopen early
Coffeeshop Birdy
Coffeeshop No Limit

Nijmegen Coffeeshops reopen early
Dreadlock & Jetset tells Audio Kush, “we’re open in about an hour”.

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