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Pre 710 Pressing Session!

We’re so excited for 710, we’re doing some Rosin Pressing early! has invited Audio Kush to Coffeeshop Espresso to search for the hash with the highest yield!

TheCoffeeshops won highest yield at the first European edition of Uncle Stoner’s approved Squash Off. They are ready to do it all over again, this time at the Hash Edition which is happening on 14 July 2019 in Amsterdam!

Join the Audio Kush team on Monday, 8 July for Rosin Pressing at Coffeeshop Espresso, beginning at 14:30. Samples from various hash presses will be available to sample throughout the day at the Kushware powered dab station! Audio Kush will be squashing over a dozen hash products from 5 different coffeeshops during the event. Pressing will be broadcasted live on and Audio Kush social media accounts.

Once pressing is finished, we will be having a big Smoke Sesh!

Coffeeshop Espresso is located at Rondweg 3A, in Mijdrecht, Netherlands.