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Recreational Cannabis Begins In Michigan On December 1… Kind Of

Michigan is set to legalize recreational cannabis next week, but many Michiganians will not have easy access.

Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids are two of the small number of Michigan cities ushering in recreational cannabis on December 1, 2019. 1,411 municipalities across Michigan have opted out of the marijuana law’s establishment licensing, which means that cannabis retail sale can not happen in these areas.

The Detroit city council has temporarily closed all of the adult-use cannabis stores, stating that they hope to reopen at the end of January 2020. Detroit has 39 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, the most in the state. The city plans to allow up to 75 dispensaries in the future.

Nearly a dozen cannabis retail shops should be able to open by the new year across Michigan where adults can legally purchase cannabis flower, edibles, oils, and creams.

Marijuana can legally be consumed by adults over 21 years of age in legal recreational states.