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Squash Off Heads To Western New York To Judge The Best CBD Flower

Audio Kush is proud to announce that Western New York will be hosting the state’s first edition of the USA Squash Off. The event, brainchild of international cannabis activist, Uncle Stoner, is a live and interactive rosin pressing competition where attendees have a chance to learn from a world renowned judging panel of industry leaders.

This event will be hosted at Harvest: Western New York’s Hemp & CBD Festival which is coming to Buffalo to celebrate the Halloween season on Saturday October 26, 2019. Harvest brings together local and international activists, educators, brands, and musicians and other entertainers to promote wellness and to empower community members to make informed choices regarding their health and wellbeing.

The inaugural New York edition of the Squash Off will be promoting awareness of the legal CBD industry which has become quite popular across New York. New Yorkers have expressed a great deal of curiosity in regards to these products as they have become much more widely available and are eager for more knowledge, as they continue to see the benefits hemp has to offer them. During the competition, audience members are able to watch as CBD flowers are judged by the experienced panel and learn how to recognize quality products, as the judges award scores and explain their reasoning to the crowd. After this, the cannabis is then squashed into rosin and rejudged, and the crowd will be able to learn more about the benefits of this process. This community has a meaningful history in the hemp industry and is currently deeply in need of healthy lifestyle changes, despite being on the brink of legalization, making it the perfect location for this teaching opportunity.

Do you have the best CBD flower? Audio Kush is now accepting entries for the CBD Squash Off! If you think you can compete, please contact CBDSquashOff@AudioKushHQ.com for more information regarding the official rules and entry fees.

Harvest Festival will happen at Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center, located at 562 Genesee Street in Buffalo, New York on October 26 2019. Proceeds will go towards fighting the opioid crisis. For more information on this event and the ways in which hemp-derived products can help fight opioid dependence and withdrawal, please visit www.AudioKushHQ.com/Harvest. 

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