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How to consume cannabis: Vape carts

Unregulated Vape Cartridges – Hospitalizations Continue

7 have been hospitalized in Hanford California after smoking contaminated THC “vape” pens. These hospitalizations are the most recent, but not first resulting from consumers using unregulated THC cartridges. These most recent individuals began to experience Pneumonia-like symptoms after using the product. This crisis has been labeled as being potentially deadly.

Many users opt to use vaporizer cartridges as opposed to smoking cannabis because they believe this to be better for their lungs. This may not be the case- especially when toxin-infused cartridges come into play. Many cartridges have been found to contain ingredients potentially very harmful to consumers including propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol which break down into the carcinogens formaldehyde and acetaldehyde when vaped at high temperatures, pesticides, and lead and other toxic, heavy metals. SC Labs, a California and Oregon cannabis testing facility reports that up to 80% of the concentrates they have tested come back with signs of pesticides in them.

These cases have emerged as a result of using products purchased from unlicensed sources. Counterfeit and dangerous cartridges have emerged as a serious public health hazard over the last several years, with many lawsuits emerging as not only are trademarked ideas and characters being used without permission, but consumers are becoming ill as well.

CannaCraft, a California-based cannabis company is one of many who have experienced the products they create and distribute with pride being counterfeited and sold illegally. Two years ago, the brand began getting reports that “AbsoluteXtracts”, a vape cartridge line they manufacture was being sold from an unknown source.

This problem only appears to be growing as both cannabis and counterfeit packaging materials become more widely accessible.

Can You Spot The Fakes?

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