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Washington Teens Charged For Robbing Cannabis Dispensaries With Sledgehammers

A group of teenagers have been arrested in Washington State and charged for breaking into cannabis dispensaries to steal products using a sledgehammer. The group appears to be linked to several similar crimes which have happened across the Bremerton and Puget Sound area. All but one teen, who escaped, were caught after a police chase last Saturday.

One of the three captured teens is a minor, but it has been made public that the others will be charged with two counts of second-degree burglary and one will be charged with attempting to elude a police vehicle.

Surveillance camera footage shows the teens break in at a Washington dispensary, Pacific Cannabis Company, shortly after 4 AM on November 21. One of the group broke through the shop’s windows with a sledgehammer and the others followed inside with laundry baskets and bags. Two days later, they returned for more but had to break in through the front door, as the window had been replaced with reinforced glass.

Pacific Cannabis Company states that approximately $90,000 dollars worth of cannabis products were stolen. Tens of thousands of dollars of cannabis products were seized from the teen’s getaway car.