Amsterdam Cannabis Smoking Ban In Red Light District

Amsterdam Cannabis Smoking Ban In Red Light District Begins

Within Amsterdam’s Red Light District, cannabis smoking will no longer be permitted outside as of today, the 25th of May, after the implementation of a new law. This means that cannabis use is restricted to licensed establishments like coffeeshops, and not in the open public.

The new Amsterdam cannabis smoking ban was made by the city council, back by demand by Mayor Helasma, in an attempt to clean up the area. The ban applies to all forms of cannabis combustion consumption, including smoking and vaping. Individuals who are detected breaking the prohibition will be subject to fines and penalties, including one hundred Euros. 

Amsterdam Cannabis Smoking Ban In Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District Starts Outdoor Cannabis Smoking

Amsterdam has launched a cannabis smoking ban outside throughout the city’s infamous Red Light District. Notices were put up in the canal-lined neighborhood that is notorious for its brothels, sex clubs, and coffeeshops. Despite the fact that these facilities welcome millions of tourists each year and provide in significant revenue for the Dutch capital, a substantial number of local people continue to complain about the nuisance caused. 

This change has been received with a range of opinions from both residents and visitors to the area. Some people regard it as a vital step towards building a healthier atmosphere, whilst others see it as an infringement on their personal freedom.

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