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Squish The Summer High 2023 returns to amsterdam

Amsterdam Solventless Workshops Return This Summer

Squish The Summer High Returns To Amsterdam July & August 2023


Squish the Summer High workshop series, powered by AudioKush and proudly sponsored by DabX, is set to revolutionize the cannabis community in Amsterdam and Den Haag. This innovative series offers enthusiasts and beginners alike an unparalleled opportunity to learn the art of making solventless rosin from the comfort of their own homes.



The summer solventless rosin workshop series, Squish The Summer High 2023, launches on Thursday, 13 July, and offers 8 workshops in total throughout the summer.  



With a focus on education and empowerment, AudioKush aims to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge on producing high-quality solventless rosin using state-of-the-art techniques. 



Throughout the summer, six esteemed coffeeshops and smoke lounges in Amsterdam will open their doors to host these groundbreaking workshops. Additionally, one of Amsterdam’s renowned cannabis museums will also be part of this immersive experience. To cater to a wider audience, Squish the Summer High Workshop Series will extend its reach to Den Haag, where one additional date will be hosted inside a South Holland coffeeshop.



The workshop series is open to anyone, and participants from all over the world will come to learn and perfect the craft of making solvent-free rosin in the convenience of their own homes. All visitors can anticipate receiving in-depth instruction and practical experience in cutting-edge methods for creating premium solventless rosin. Additionally, visitors will be able to try the rosin using the cutting-edge DabX Go dab consumption device.


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Which 8 Locations Will Host Squish The Summer High?

These Amsterdam solventless workshops will travel to 8 locations across the summer. These locations include The Balboa FamilyBlue Sea, Cannabis Museum, The PlugCremers (Den Haag), The StudBalou, & Kashmir Lounge.

The Workshops Are Free To Join

Register online for free tickets to join these Amsterdam solventless workshops this summer. Squish The Summer High series sponsors will provide complimentary giveaways for all registered visitors.

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