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Amsterdam top 5 5 euro and under july 2020 title

Amsterdam Top 5: Cannabis Deals €5 & Under (July 2020)

Shopping on a budget? Sometimes travel expenses can pile up quicker than you can blink. Don’t worry, after reading this list, you will be a pro at finding deals in Amsterdam! Check out our Amsterdam Coffeeshops Top 5: Cannabis Deals, €5 & Under.

We traveled all over Amsterdam to hunt down the best deals in the city. Here are our favorite Amsterdam coffeeshop deals, €5 & under per gram.

Blue Magic Kabouter – Boerejongens Sloterdijk – €5 per gram
This is the headiest pick up at the €5 and under per gram price range. Though, it’s pre-ground shake, it did test over 20% THC with Purpl Pro! This shake, or kabouter as Boerejongens has it labeled, is full of kief from the Blue Magic flowers. This cultivar is a cross between Headband & Green Magic, and will make you feel relaxed and calm. This is one of Amsterdam Genetics original strains available in consumable form via Boerejongens.

Critical – Catch 33 – €5 per gram
Critical is a classic 70/30 indica dominant cross between Skunk #1 & Afghani. If you are a heavy Kush lover, you will definitely enjoy this strain. However, if you are a sativa smoker, you will also find a strong appreciation for this cultivar due to its heavy limonene terpenes. You will need to purchase 3 grams to get this deal.

Note: This deal has been consistent on the menu for at least a year.

Purple #1 – Siberie – €3.5 per gram
Purple from Siberie is the cheapest deal on our list, priced at only €3.50 per gram. This sale has been on the menu since spring, and we are happy to see the sale continue into the summer. This is that old school, classic Purple #1 from Dutch Passion. It looks purple and even smells purple! You know… that purple smell! If you don’t know this smell, what are you waiting for? Head to Siberie and grab a few grams of this treat.

Durban Poison – De Republiek – €5 per gram
Dutch Passion genetics hit a second time on our Amsterdam Top 5 Under €5 list. When in Holland, how can you not enjoy some of Dutch Passions extensive catalogue of cultivars? If any strain has put them at the forefront of Cannabis genetics since the beginning, it is Durban Poison. This cultivar has been used to create some of the top terpene enriched flavors in the industry, including Girl Scout Cookies, which could be known as the one strain that started the dessert demand! Without Durban we wouldn’t have strains like GSC.

Powerbag Gruis – Baba – €4 per gram
To wrap up our Top 5 list, we found ourselves over at Baba Coffeeshop. At only €4 per gram you can enjoy a salad of Pheno Finder favorites like Fromage Blue and Lemon Bubble. However, there is a slight catch to this Powerbag; It is only available in 5 gram bags. But common, €20 for 5 grams of shake from Pheno Finders classics, you know you can’t go wrong!

What are your favorite Amsterdam deals? Make sure to let us know in the comments below! Maybe they will make the next top 5 Amsterdam cannabis deals!

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