Australian Police In Helicopter Search For Teenagers Marijuana

Police in Australia use a helicopter to track down a teenager riding a vehicle that has been dubbed the “marijuana marijuana unit.” When they apprehend the teen, they discover a filthy bong, a coffee grinder, and cannabis.

A teen, age 17, from Carrum Downs, Australia, was taken into custody when it was discovered that he was riding a customized motorized Esky while in possession of cannabis as well as equipment for consumption.

As reported by 9News, the authorities claim that the 17-year-old teenager was transporting narcotics on this DIY vehicle. The homemade transportation vehicle was identified by authorities using a helicopter, and a bong was discovered inside the vehicle’s insulated cooler.

The “marijuana mobile unit” was tracked down by a police helicopter in Carrum Downs, Australia. Photo: Victoria Police

A “slippery when wet” notice was also posted on the moving kiosk, in a manner similar to that of a license plate. The road sign, prominently displayed at the front, was accompanied by a pair of shovels.

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