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B.A.C. Nutrients – High Quality Cultivation Products

For over 15 years, B.A.C. (Biological Activated Cocktail) has been an industry leader in the production of high quality cultivation products. The company began with the vision of Frits Visser. Born out of his passion for roses, renowned floral cultivator, Visser dove into the study of soil and microorganisms. As Visser has become an expert in the agrarian sector, his in depth knowledge of soil life, with a focus upon organic practices, has gained him much attention globally, especially in Netherlands, India and South America.

In 2003, Visser joined forces with partner, Theo, who had already begun to create both growth and bloom stimulants for plants. The pair launched B.A.C. with the common goal of “the production of healthy plants that grow ample, high quality crops”. As B.A.C. has gained notoriety in the industry, the company has expanded greatly. B.A.C. takes extreme pride in the aptitude of the company’s associates and the quality of its products, which are available across the globe, with a large number of exports.

B.A.C. nutrients contain extracts from the yucca plant, which is stated to aid in both the nutrient uptake of the plant and the penetration of water into the substrate(((( The company has developed a wide range of products to cover all stages of growth, which include Bloom feed, Growth nutrients, PK Booster, Plant invigorators, Soil nutrients, Cocos nutrients, F1 Extreme Booster, Hydro nutrients, Bio Clone, Bloom stimulant, Final Solution, & Root stimulant.

B.A.C. products have consistently been rated top class. Over the years, B.A.C. products have received many awards and accolades including those from Expogrow, Spannabis, The British Soil Association, Dutch Skal Bio Controle, French Ecocert Group, German FIBL and the Peterson Control Union, that works worldwide((

B.A.C. at 420 Sesh Amsterdam

At 420 Sesh Amsterdam this year, patrons had a chance to sample B.A.C.’s X-Seed line. X-Seed is a 100% organic product, designed to increase the percentage of seeds which germinate and reduce their germination time, while promoting root growth and stimulation. X-Seed also helps a plant to be more resistant to pathogenic fungi, in particular, specific diseases that attack the roots. It can be used on many variety of seeds ranging from cannabis to many other small vegetable and flower seeds. To use this product, one simply places the seeds in the X-Seed Solution for 60 prior to sowing seeds.

Seeds can be sowed up to 6 – 10 days after treating with X-Seed. 8 days after sowing, the treated plants have been observed to be between 300 and 400% better developed than those untreated. The root systems of the treated plants possess an increased the ability to absorb fertilizers and nutrients which are needed for the development of a healthy plant.


Key features of X-Seed:

-Contains no synthetic chemicals
-Increases the growing power of the plant
-Improves the immune system of the plant
-Promotes healthy root system and powerful shoots

X-Seed is also found to be a very useful product in the mass production of cuttings, as shortening germination time is a big advantage to growers.

Other favorites distributed by B.A.C. at 420Sesh included beachballs, keycords, t-shirts, hats, Lamzacs, frisbees, and more! You can find more of these products online at