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Jack Herer Cup Heads to Amsterdam

The Jack Herer Cup makes its overseas debut this May. The Jack Herer Cup is a premier Cannabis awards show which originated in Las Vegas. It is held annually in honor of activist, Jack Herer. Not only is Amsterdam a special place for cannabis, but was a special place for Jack Herer as well. The “Emperor of Hemp” met his wife, Jeannie in Amsterdam. Jeannie will be in attendance at awards ceremony for the Jack Herer Cup, happening on May 17, 2019 at the Hard Rock Cafe, Amsterdam.

The cup features 12 different judging categories. The deadline for entries is 1 May, 2019. Voting will occur by a panel of judges and there will also be a public vote. More information and voting will be available at www.JackHererCup.NL.

Jack Herer Cup Judging

The Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam has 2 types of judges. 

1) Cannabis Consumer Judges: 

All entries can be purchased at the attending locations and consumers can cast their vote on this website from April 20th until May 16th 2019.

Elite Judges:

There will be 50 Elite Judges that can be recognized by the Elite Judge Badge! The Elite Judges also have access with their badge to the Hard Rock on May 17th.


2) Cannabis Industry Judges:

6 Cannabis Industry Judges will judge all the cup entries blind. 3 Judges are from the USA and 3 Judges are from Europe.

The judging scores together will show the winners of the 1st Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam!

2019 Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam Judging Categories:

-Best Jack Herer Flower
-Best Sativa Flower
-Best Indica Flower
-Best Hybrid Flower
-Best Neder Hash
-Best Import Hash
-Best Pre-Roll
-Best CBD Flower
-Best CBD Product
-Best Edible
-Best Product
-Best Coffeeshop
Bonus Category: Best International Product