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DutchFem, Breeders of Fine Cannabis Seeds

DutchFem Delivers High-Quality Cannabis Seeds From The Netherlands

Dutchfem takes great pride in having spent over 25 years refining the breeding of some of The Netherland’s finest cannabis seeds. A new company, with an impressive history, Dutchfem Seeds are hand-selected seeds to maintain the highest quality possible.

Patrons of Dutch cannabis will find an array of different seeds available in feminized, autoflowering, and medicinal marijuana and CBD varieties, ensuring the perfect product for every guest. The company often features exclusive, limited edition strains, such as “Girl Scout Kush” in addition to the coffeeshop favorites consumers know and love including Bubble Haze, Northern Light Special, Lemon Skunk, Amnesia Haze, and Cheese. All seeds are grown biologically (organically) from mother plants free of pesticides and other chemicals and can be purchased online at

Dutchfem also produce their own CBD line which includes CBD chocolates, oils, and seeds. Dutchfem CBD oil is made from hempseed oil and pure CBD crystals.

To add to the company’s lengthy list of selling points is their quality website and blog. Upon checking out the site, I found it to be incredibly professional, well-designed, and informative. A trained web chat agent was also available live to help me, until midnight, an awesome perk, especially on a Sunday night.

It was a pleasure to welcome Dutchfem to 420 Sesh Amsterdam 2019. Dutchfem’s spin & win game greeted guests attending the sesh outside the doors of Akhnaton, located conveniently between the RedLight District and the Police Station. For a mere €2 guests were ables to win one of a number of prizes, ranging from grinders to seeds! Inside the venue, guests were able to visit the Dutchfem booth to purchase a variety of products and receive informational materials including a free a poster!

Dutchfem’s Current Top 10 Seeds:

Mad Max #33
Orange Haze
Purple O.G. Kush
Girl Scout Kush
Casey’s Rollex O.G
Amnesia Haze Original
Orange Jones
Gorilla Glue XL
OG Kush XL
Bubble Haze