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California Highway Patrol Auctions Bongs & Pipes

California Highway Patrol Sells Bongs & Pipes At Auction

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is set to hold an auction on Friday, February 16, offering a range of confiscated items from Los Angeles-based cannabis industry businesses. Bongs, pipes, & other items from cannabis industry businesses will be auctioned off by The California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Among the notable items up for grabs are glass bongs and pipes, and other headshop items that were seized from establishments accused of failing to pay their taxes. Other items include a snow cone machine, speakers, a spin-wheel, mason jars, TVs, and more.

The California Highway Patrol Sells Bongs & Other Items Seized From 10 Businesses

The items were seized as a result of search warrants served to collect taxes owed by ten cannabis businesses; nine were named as illegal businesses, and one was a legal dispensary with unpaid taxes. It’s crucial for businesses to understand their tax obligations.

Browse legal dispensaries here.

This is the first time CDTFA is auctioning personal property seized during cannabis enforcement operations. Proceeds from the auction will apply toward the liabilities owed by each of the ten debtors.

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