blog feature - dealer spared jail time for saving lives

Weed Healer, Caught w/ Kilo & 30 Plants Spared Jail Time For Saving Lives

Andrew Baines (46) was accused with manufacturing and supplying a class B substance. Baines was apprehended while in possession of a cannabis haul worth £10,000, and 30 plants, at his home in Lincoln, East Midlands. His potential sentence was up to 15 years in prison.

The man who was arrested with more than a kilogram of cannabis was not sentenced to prison when it was discovered that he exclusively provided cannabis products to those who were terminally sick or suffering from cancer. Cannabis healer, Andrew Baines, was spared a harsh sentence after cancer sufferers testified to the court about how much he assisted them in their treatment.

The court was inundated with letters from clients of Andrew Baines stating how he helped ease their suffering while barely earning enough money to pay his expenditures. The 46-year-old defendant was given the smallest possible penalty of a six-month community order by. As a result, the defendant was spared a term of 15 years in prison.

District Judge Geraldine Kelly received correspondence from a number of individuals, one of whom was Becky Hayes. Ms. Hayes’s father took Mr. Baines’ cannabis throughout the latter months of his battle with throat cancer. “He never charged for his time or asked for anything in return. His knowledge is incredible. He is the most selfless man,” she says. Others said that Mr. Baines had a transformative impact on their life and declined financial compensation.

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