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Canada Weed Delivery

You Can Get Weed Delivered To Your Door In Canada!

Looking for weed delivery? Well if you live in Canada, your wish can come true! With Cannabismo, you can order cannabis from the palm of your hand! Cannabismo has a great assortment of products including flowers, concentrates, edibles, vape pens, topicals, tinctures, prerolls, cbd/hemp, and even pet products!

Check out what Cannabismo has to offer!

Do you live in Canada? Cannabismo offers cannabis flower delivery right to your door! Check out their selection of Sativa, Indica, & Hybrid strains.

Cannabismo currently offers the classics strain Tangie on their Sativa menu. Tangie aka. Tangerine Dream, bred by DNA Genetics, is a cross of California Orange and a pungent Skunk hybrid. The results… pure citrus bliss! Purchase Tangie flowers today at Cannabismo.
Want to grow this strain? Check out Growers Choice Tangerine Dream or FastBuds autoflowering version, Tangie’Matic.

Get Grower's Choice Seeds coupon codes here! Cannabis seeds.

Cannabismo’s Indica menu is bigger than both their Sativa & Hybrid menu’s put together. Here, find a dank assortment of genetics including Baby Yoda OG, 9lb Hammer, Death Bubba, The Gas, Pink Tuna, & Platinum Kush.

Cannabismo currently carries one of Dutch Passion‘s genetics, Critical Orange Punch. Critical Orange Punch is is a cross of Critical & (Grandaddy Purps X Orange Bud).

Do you like to dab? Don’t worry! Cannabismo has a nice variation of extracts which include Diamonds, Live Resin, Shatter, Budder, & Distillate. Check out Cannabismo’s concentrate shop for products from CannaCure, KleerX, Jungle Ridge, Coast Concentrates, Diamond Concentrates, DickPunch Extracts, Miss Envy, Dark Side Dabs, Green Gold, Oro, & Kronic Klouds.

Mota – Cotton Canada, SeC Fruit Salad Gummies, Dose – Fudge

Edibles is definitely Cannabismo’s most in depth area of the shop. They carry a wide variety of brands including Mota, BakedRX, Miss Envy, The Anonymous Content Co, DOSE, Apothecary, DickPucnh, CBD Move, Yoni, Twisted Extracts, Green Island, SeC, & Fleurs.
Check out Cannabismo’s assortment of edibles in their shop like gummies, chocolate truffles, carmel cups, fudge, carmel, capsules, fuzzy peach candies, sour watermelons, tarantulas, wigglers, cotton candy, tea, brownies, cocoa powder, honey, gummy worms, hard candies, honey straws, coconut oil, infused olive oil, & more!

Cannabismo has a large selection of pre-rolls which includes Gorilla Glue, Mango Haze, & Death Bubba

Gorilla Glue Automatic seeds FastBuds

Cannabismo currently offers an imported Moroccan hashish, Casablanca. This hash is a regular on Amsterdam coffeeshop menus. On a budget or looking to make your own edibles? Check out Cannabismo’s cannabis trim for only $35 an ounce!

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