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Cheech & Chong REMOVED From Facebook (VIDEO)

Recent changes to Facebook’s Community Standards suggest that the platform now allows the sharing of cannabis content, given the content is directed at those over 18 and only promotes responsible personal use. This new policy did not help iconic cannabis activists and entertainers Cheech and Chong. The pair had 3 Facebook accounts permanently deleted last month.

Image: Facebook, Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong took to his new Facebook page to speak out after his personal Facebook page, “Tommy Chong” was deleted as well as that of former co-star Cheech Marin, “Cheech Marin” and the page dedicated the pair’s iconic comedic duo, “Cheech and Chong”. These three pages together had an audience of several million followers.

Amongst the violations cited by Facebook, which lead to the eventual take down of the star’s pages, were those for “guns, drugs, and other regulated goods”, “nudity or other sexual activity”, and “inauthentic behavior”. While the stars purportedly did not post content related to guns, cannabis content often falls under this category on Facebook, as it is considered to be a “regulated good”.

Tommy Chongs response: “Who’s more authentic than Cheech and Chong, man?”

In the video posted by Chong to address the problem and redirect fans to the pair’s new pages, the activist expresses his frustration at the removal. “You know what? You need weed.” He directed at those responsible for the page’s deletion.

Chong points out that the pair were among the first to normalize cannabis use and bring the plant’s medicinal properties to light to the general public after decades of prohibition.

He concluded the video with a commitment to continue to spread his message. “I triple dare you to try and block us now, man. You’ll be wanting to, you know, hang out with us!”

Fans hoping to keep up to date with Cheech & Chong should follow their new Facebook Pages: Cheech & Chong, Tommy Chong, and Cheech Marin.

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