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coffeeshop bargain deals spring 2023

Coffeeshop Bargain Deals, Just €5 • Spring 2023

We all know how expensive Amsterdam can be. Even hostels that charge less than €100 a night are nearly impossible to find these days. When going to Amsterdam, it is absolutely necessary to have a good understanding of where the best deals can be found. We have already produced a list of the greatest coffeeshop cheap bargains, all of which can be purchased for €5 (or less). When visiting Amsterdam, it is recommended to keep coffeeshop bargain list in mind, as it offers a variety of options including flower (mix), hash, and pre-rolls.

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Edible Coffeeshop Bargain Deal: Indica Cake at Balou

A spacecake is a type of cannabis edible that is made by infusing marijuana or hashish into baked goods such as cakes or brownies. Balou’s Indica Cake is a coffeeshop bargain deal in Amsterdam that provides a unique and enjoyable experience for those looking to try a local specialty, while also saving some money! This spacecake at Coffeeshop Balou is made using indica dominant strains.

Stop by Balou, pick up a cup of coffee to enjoy with your spacecake edible, and smoke a joint in their newly renovated consumption lounge. 

Flower Coffeeshop Bargain Deal: 1.2g Haze Mix at The Stud

When shopping around Amsterdam coffeeshops for a bargain deal, you can’t look past the gruis or cannabis shake that’s on almost every menu. Unfortunately, it is not recommended to purchase this cannabis shake mix from just any coffeeshop, as many offer a low-quality selection, that’s almost like fan leaves ground up. However, at The Stud, you can expect to find a mixture of small popcorns and sugar trim, providing a nice dosage of THC.

Hash Coffeeshop Bargain Deal: Kush Hash At The Dolphins

Amsterdam’s The Dolphins offers a great coffeeshop bargain deal for just €5. Unlike the other offerings on this list which are flower based products, The Dolphins offers an old school moroccan hash. The Kush hashish at The Dolphins is priced at just €5 per gram. If you are traveling to Amsterdam and are in search of a cheap hash deal, look no further, The Dolphins has you covered.

The Dolphin’s underwater themed coffeeshop with a submarine consumption lounge on the lower level offers a unique smoking experience.

Purple Haze Pre-Roll at Siberie, Loft, Supermarkt, or De Republiek

Now you too can get the cannabis strain Purple Haze all in your brain, with this coffeeshop bargain deal. Available at 4 participating coffeeshops, the Purple Haze pre-roll can be purchased for just €5 per joint. The song “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix, which was published in 1967, is largely credited with bringing this sativa-dominant cultivar to public attention. The euphoric high of Purple Haze is brought on by the strain’s modest THC content, which makes it perfect for daytime use.

Outdoor Pre-Roll at Siberie, Loft, Supermarkt, or De Republiek

The Outdoor Pre-Roll is the cheapest option on the list, coming in at just €4 per joint! Like the Purple Haze Joint mentioned above, the outdoor pre-roll is available at a total of 4 participating coffeeshops across Amsterdam.

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