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Covid-19 Measures Eased, Coffeeshop Terraces Reopen 28 April

Covid-19 Measures Eased, Coffeeshop Terraces Reopen 28 April

Covid-19 measures in the Netherlands will be eased starting next week. Prime Minister Marc Rutte of the Netherlands has announced six relaxation reforms, including the reopening of coffeeshop terraces on 28 April.

Firstly, the Netherlands curfew will be lifted at 4:30 a.m. on 28 April. Originally, curfew was began at 21:00 until 04:30 the next morning. Curfew was recently amended to start at 22:00 until 04:30.

Second, the number of guests allowed at home increases from one to two.

Third, on Wednesday, 28 April catering industry terraces can reopen. With some restrictions, the terraces can reopen again with reduced hours, from 12:00 until 18:00.

  • There is a two-person cap per table, unless from one household. If from the same home, more than two people are allowed to sit together.
  • In order to gain access to a terrace, employees will ask customers various check-up questions regarding their health. 
  • The space between the tables on the terrace should be 1.5 meters. Tables may be less than 1.5 meters if cough screens are utilized.

Coffeeshop Terraces Reopen

If you are wondering, this does mean you can once again consume your Amsterdam coffeeshop purchase on-site! Naturally, only at a coffeeshop with an outside terrace. In the Netherlands, not all coffeeshops have outdoor seating.

Looking for somewhere to smoke now that coffeeshop terraces reopen on 28 April? We have compiled a list of the best coffeeshop terraces in Amsterdam! 

Oh yeah, we still have 3 more eased measures to discuss

Fourthly, in non-essential shops appointments are no longer necessary. Markets for commodities will open up again. But some constraints can be anticipated.

Fifthly, every university student will be free, from Monday, 26 April, to take part for one day a week in physical education.

Finally, the total number of persons permitted at a funeral is increased to 100 and theory exams will be reintroduced.

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