Coffeeshops remain open through the holidays, despite new coronavirus measures.

New COVID-19 Measures For Holidays, Coffeeshops To Stay Open

Despite new measures being put in place starting tonight, well technically 15th December at 00:00, coffeeshops remain open for takeaway options. “Users of soft drugs can still go to their coffee shop to pick up their order”, reports NOS. New COVID-19 measures will take effect until 19 January, which means through Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years Eve.

Do not panic! Cannabis users need to not worry. The new measures being addressed tonight at a 19:00 press conference will not include a closure of coffeeshops. Coffeeshops remain essential, and will not see a forced closure until 19 January like other industries.

No sitting or rolling inside the coffeeshops due to COVID-19 measures. Cofeeshop Balou, Amstredam.

In the beginning phases of COVID-19 precautions, back in March, coffeeshops did see a complete closure. This only increased criminal activity, which could be why the government overturned, and reopened coffeeshops. 

While coffeeshops did reopen smoking areas for a short period over the summer, coffeeshops across the Netherlands now remain open for takeaway only options. 

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