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Cookies brand teases Amsterdam expansion.

Could Cookies Be Coming To Amsterdam?

The iconic Cookies brand, founded by hip hop artist Berner, may be making its way to Amsterdam. Last week, Cookies teased the industry with a new, blank Instagram account, Just today, the brand provided us another teaser, this time in the form of a post that simply states, “Coming Soon!”.

Could Cookies really get their own coffeeshop in Amsterdam?

While, it is easy for just anyone to create an Instagram account, it is notable to know that Arjan Roskam, founder of Green House Seeds and Strain House is among one of the followers of this new account. The account is also only following reputable members of the industry, including all associated Cookies accounts. Both Arjan’s Green House and Berner’s Cookies have been known to work together in the past, and have even announced a collaboration strain, Super Lemonnade.

Recently, Cookies has expanded its operations into a variety of new markets including Chicago and Colorado. Cookies currently has a cannabis social club in Barcelona. With recent expansions, known business colleagues, and the new Instagram account, it seems very possible that Amsterdam will soon see its first Cookies coffeeshop.

In Amsterdam, Cookies exclusives including Cheetah Piss, Cereal Milk, & The Soap can be found on the Strain Hunters and Green House Coffeeshops menus.

Could Cookies really be getting their own coffeeshop in Amsterdam?

You may be interested to take a peek inside Strain Hunters Coffeeshop.

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