Criminal Charges Against Russian Oligarch Seeking Cannabis Licensing

Criminal Charges Against Russian Oligarch Seeking Cannabis Licensing

A Russian oligarch who wants to get his hands in the marijuana industry has been charged in the United States for making illegal political contributions to US politicians.

Monday, authorities in the United States charged 47-year old Russian oligarch Andrey Muraviev, who is said to have sought out unlawful means to obtain cannabis industry licensing. Andrey Muraviev has been charged of organizing a $1,000,000 illegal donation scheme.

Andrei Muraviev, set out in 2018 to get U.S. cannabis industry licenses. This week he was indicted and charged with making illicit political donations as a foreign national. In order to win the favor of politicians who might assist Muraviev and his associates secure marijuana and cannabis licenses, these gifts were made.

“Andrey Muraviev, a Russian national, attempted to influence the 2018 elections by conspiring to push a million dollars of his foreign funds to candidates and campaigns. He attempted to corrupt our political system to advance his business interests,” says U.S. Attorney Damian Williams.

Muraviev was also charged with making political contributions in the identities of straw contributors.

This funding was used to reimburse and fund federal and state political donations across 5 states: Florida, Nevada, Texas, New York, and New Jersey.

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