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Delaware Marijuana Legalization Bill Defeated In House

A bill introduced in the Delaware House of Representatives that would have legalized adult-use marijuana and created a recreational cannabis industry in the state was defeated in the House of Representatives.

Democrat members of parliament overwhelmingly approved it on Thursday, by a vote of 23 to 14. However, to be approved, the proposal needed a three-fifths majority, or 25 votes.

Ed Osienski, a Democrat from Newark, was the primary sponsor of House Bill 305. In the last three years, Osienski has supported three separate legislation bills to legalize cannabis. “I’m just stunned it’s taking this long,” he said of the lengthy process. Thursday was the first time any of them had been brought to the floor on Thursday.

House Bill 305, also known as the Delaware Marijuana Control Act, was introduced in the state of Delaware in an effort to legalize the production, sale, and possession of adult-use marijuana in the state.

The suggested approach was significantly weighted in favor of social justice and small businesses,.

While the law did not pass the first time around, another is expected to be reintroduced in the near future.  “I’m going to keep plugging at it. I’m not going to quit,” Osiesnki said emphatically.

The following would have been permitted under the legislation:

  • Possession of up to one ounce of marijuana by adults 21 and older
  • 30 dispensaries, including 15 candidates from the social equity sector 
  • 60 farmers and 20 potential candidates from the social equity sector
  • 30 product creators, including 10 candidates from the social equality sector
  • 5 testing facilities with 2 applications coming from the social equity sector
  • 15% sales tax on retail transactions would have been levied by the state

No home grow ability would have been permitted.

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