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Denver Hotel Approved For Consumption Bud & Breakfast

A hotel in the city of Denver has been awarded conditional approval to operate a cannabis consumption lounge under the city’s new marijuana hospitality business license program.

An OK was given to the Patterson Inn’s marijuana hospitality business application on Friday. If all of the inspections go well, they will be granted a license to operate a cannabis consumption lounge in Denver.

According to owner Chris Chiari, the Patterson Inn is considering becoming a cannabis-themed bed and breakfast, aka. bud & breakfast.

Prior to this year, people were only permitted to legally consume marijuana outside of their houses if they were members of a private social club.  Denver implemented significant legislative and regulatory changes in 2021. As a result, all private clubs were compelled to close their doors since the city now demands a license to operate. A permit from the city of Denver is now required in order to operate a cannabis consumption lounge in the city.

Patterson Inn is the third approved marijuana hospitality facility in the city of Patterson. They will be joining businesses such as Coffee Joint, which was the first to be certified and is presently the sole consumption lounge in operation, and Tetra Lounge. Private club Tetra Lounge in the River North Art District (RiNo) was awarded a license to operate a marijuana hospitality company today. They are, however, still on hold awaiting the completion of the requisite inspection.

Under the terms of marijuana business licensing licenses, cannabis cannot be sold on-site. You are, however, welcome to bring your own bud and consume it on-premises.

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