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Coffeeshop Munchies

Fill Your Food Cravings With Amsterdam Coffeeshop Munchies

Amsterdam’s infamous coffeeshops are not just known for their amazing cannabis products. Some also offer delicious food to satisfy your munchies.

The combination of high-quality cannabis and delectable foods creates a unique experience that draws in locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re in the mood for a savory snack or a sweet treat, a handful of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops may have something to satisfy every craving!

The Diverse Options of Amsterdam Coffeeshop Munchies

Amsterdam coffeeshops are well known for their cannabis sales. But what happens after you consume cannabis? The munchies, of course! While most of the 160+ coffeeshops across Amsterdam do not offer food for you to enjoy after your cannabis consumption, there are several that do offer great coffeeshop munchies.

From traditional Dutch snacks like toasti’s, to international favorites such as chicken wings, cheesecake, and English breakfast, Amsterdam’s coffeeshops offer a unique culinary adventure where you can also consume cannabis at the same time. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a full meal, some Amsterdam coffeeshops can provide a unique dining experience that perfectly complements the cannabis-infused atmosphere. You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes and snacks that are tailored to complement the effects of cannabis

Let’s explore the range of Amsterdam coffeeshop munchies that can be found alongside cannabis products across the city.

Savory Options

These delectable food options not only enhance the cannabis experience but also satisfy a range of culinary preferences. Indulge in wide range of savory delights at various different coffeeshops across the city. One of these coffeeshop munchies are the chicken wings at Prix d’Ami. If you are looking for a burger, you could head to Bulldog Palace and try their signature hemp burger. For a quick bite, check out the nachos at Coffeeshop Reefer.

For those seeking plant-based Amsterdam coffeeshop munchies, La Turtulia offers a delicious vegan sandwich, or you can head to Popeye for a Vegan Dahl & Cream toasted sandwich. Or you’re in the mood for breakfast options, you should head to Greenhouse United, as they serve up a hearty English breakfast.

If you have a sweet tooth, this next section is for you!

Sweet Options

Sweet munchie options are also available at Amsterdam coffeeshops to cure that sweet tooth craving.

Some of these sweet treats include delectable pastries such as apple pie at Bulldog Palace or fresh strawberries and cream at Coffeeshop Smokey.

For a chocolate treat, head over to Prix d’Ami and indulge in their mouthwatering Chocolate Mouse Cake or Fresh Belgian Waffles with Ice Cream & Chocolate Syrup from New Times. No matter what your cravings may be, Amsterdam’s coffeeshops have something to satisfy your needs.

From classic treats to unique flavors, you can find something to delight your taste buds while enjoying floral buds. 

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards

To recognize the many individuals and businesses that make the Amsterdam cannabis industry what it is today, nominations will be accepted in 27 different People’s Choice categories for the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards 2023.

One of the twenty-seven People’s Choice categories at Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards highlights the best coffeeshop munchies.

The nomination period will run from October 27th to November 9th. Voting begins on November 11 and ends on November 24; it takes place in real time at

Visitors, regulars, and aficionados of Amsterdam coffeeshops will nominate and cast votes online to determine the People’s Choice winners of the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards. For a promotional campaign lasting one month, QR Nomination and Voting cards will be delivered to all of Amsterdam’s 160+ coffeeshops, where their budtenders are encouraged to invite the customers to get involved.

Nominate & vote for your favorite coffeeshop snacks at the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards People’s Choice. 

Amsterdam Coffeeshops Are The Perfect Destination

With a variety of options, Amsterdam’s coffeeshops are the perfect destination for a satisfying and enjoyable experience, all while being able to consume cannabis too.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty burger, a plate of savory nachos, or a refreshing smoothie, these Amsterdam coffeeshop munchies have got you covered. Indulge in a variety of options, all while enjoying a laid-back and a cozy atmosphere. With their diverse menu options, these coffeeshops truly offer a complete and satisfying experience for both cannabis enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

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