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Mayor Of Puffalo Connoisseur Cannabis Products in Buffalo

Gifting Connoisseur Cannabis Products In WNY w/ Mayor Of Puffalo

New York legalized adult-use cannabis earlier in 2021, however the establishment of legal cannabis retailers is still a work in progress. That hasn’t stopped young business-minded people from providing cannabis products to clients, while they have found a loop-whole in the States legislation, allowing for “gifting” and “donations”. That is exactly how Spencer (aka. The Mayor Of Puffalo) operates his new start-up. While Spencer does not have a brick and mortar, you may find his donation booth set up at various “pop-up” events.

You may be put off by the “grey-area” market, which is highly unregulated, you should not be skeptical of Mayor Of Puffalo’s products in Western New York. Unlike others in the area that rebrand and repackage strains, label them as their own genetics, or market low quality CRC (color remediation column) dabs as live resin, Mayor Of Puffalo takes pride in being a connoisseur. The Mayor Of Puffalo carries one of the most connoisseur selections in the area, offering different amounts based on different donation tiers. However, due to how the market operates here, the products he does carry are primarily black-market products, like Denver extract brand, NWO. Though, just because they are black-market products does not mean they are bad or low quality. They are merely just not licensed products from dispensaries. Sometimes the best products are produced with mom-and-pop shops! 

NWO Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin

Steer away from dirty CRC (color remediation column) dabs. While these may look “heady”, its merely low quality solvent-based left-overs that start black, dark, and amber, and after lab processing, it turns off-white and cream colored, with terpenes added back in. That’s not the case here. Mayor Of Puffalo has an exclusive partnership with Denver based cannabis extraction brand, NWO, and offers a range of top quality products from their catalogue. NWO’s Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin may be some of the headiest products offered by Spencer. The Sour GMO is a perfect example of what fresh frozen hash rosin should be.

NWO Nerds Rope

Mayor Of Puffalo offers a range of items from Denver extractor, NWO. One of these products is their Nerds Rope, which comes in 4 different flavors; Grapeberry, Cherry, Watermelon, & Rainbow. NWO’s Nerds Rope is medicated with THC Distillate. Medicated Nerds Rope is a THC infused sour candy that is both soft, chewy, and crunchy. I wonder how these would taste blended up with some vanilla ice cream. Does anyone else want a Dairy Queen Nerds Blizzard as bad as I do right now? 

High Quality THC Rich Cannabis Flower 

Mayor Of Puffalo sources some of the highest quality cannabis flowers in WNY, both out-of-state and locally grown. While other suppliers are offering over tumbled flowers or poorly machine trimmed buds, Mayor Of Puffalo uses his connoisseur traits to offer the best quality to his client-base. Look at how much the trichomes on this Tangerine Dream flower glisten in the light! This is just one example of Mayor Of Puffalo’s elegant flower selection available only as a gift by donating in Hamburg, NY. 

While this is a fresh, unregulated market, you won’t see many direct printed packaging. Instead, expect sticker labels slapped onto blank mylars and jars. Because most companies require 5,000 bags for direct print packaging, it isn’t practical for a smaller, self-owned brand like Mayor Of Puffalo to print branding directly on their packages. As the industry grows and adult-use retail outlets eventually open, we hope to see Mayor Of Puffalo branded items inside a New York dispensary! 

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