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blog feature - Guam's Adult-Use Cannabis Laws Go Into Effect

Guam’s Adult-Use Cannabis Laws Go Into Effect

Guam’s adult-use cannabis regulations went into effect after lawmakers failed to pass, amend, or reject them before the May 31 deadline.

Guam’s regulations for adult recreational cannabis went into effect after the legislature failed to act on them. Legislators had 90 days after the bill’s submission to pass, amend, or reject the regulations. On May 31, they missed the deadline due to their inaction.

Next, the Cannabis Control Board will convene a meeting with key government officials in order to hear industry proposals.

Vanessa Williams, the head of the Cannabis Control Board, has stated that the laws and regulations may need to be amended in light of objections from the general population.

As a result of previous public reaction, Chairwoman Williams admitted that laws and regulations may require further revision in the future. She makes the claim, “I think overwhelming what we heard at the legislature was with the cultivation standards. Across the board they said, the public testified that they were too stringent. And that they were more stringent than any other agricultural product the growing standards and what’s prohibited.”

The committee intends to start looking into these concerns prior to the meeting that it will hold the following month.

The Organic Act of Guam governs Guam as an incorporated territory of the United States since 1950.

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