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Hawaii Chops Down Hemp Crops Because High THC

In order for flowers to be considered “Hemp” and not “Cannabis”, they need to test under .3% tetrahydrocannabinol, or better known as THC. This regulation is exactly the issue behind the destruction of hard work in Hawaii!

Unfortunately, over the past year, several crops that had been cultivated for Hawaii’s hemp industry have actually tested higher than the legal federal limit of .3% THC. Due to this, 18 crops have been destroyed by the state.

Hawaii’s extreme tropical climate causes strains to grow differently than in other regions. “Genetics which work in other states don’t necessarily work the same here, and it is all experimental,” said Shelley Choy, agriculture department hemp program coordinator. This may be the reason why over half of the hemp crops cultivated in Hawaii cannot be used. What a waste of resources!

“It’s honestly expected and fairly routine in the sense that it is really hard to grow a plant that is 0.3% or below, and it is also really difficult in Hawaii because we have a really unique climate and photoperiod as compared to other states”

Shelley Choy