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How To Germinate Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

We recently covered five distinct approaches to harvesting your autoflower cannabis at the right moment. But in order to get to the harvest, you must sow your seeds first! But what is the best way to germinate your autoflower seeds?


While we would typically say the optimal method is entirely subjective, which is the case for photoperiod varieties, there is one thing to bear in mind while sowing autoflowering seeds. There are issues that arise during transplanting a plant from one container to another. 


Sometimes the easiest way to do something is the best way, and that’s what we suggest for germinating your autoflowering seeds. Don’t bother attempting to attain the optimal germination. Always put your autoflowering seeds in their final pots. 


Plant Autoflower Seeds In The Final Pot

Plants fall into shock when transplanted, and autoflowers develop so rapidly that they often die after transplantation. Sow your autoflower seeds directly into its final pot to save yourself from the dangers of repotting later. 


Create a tiny hole in the substrate with your finger or pencil, bury the seed around half a centimeter to one centimeter deep, and cover it with a little soil. Ensure that the container is placed in a warm and humid location, and that the soil substrate is never completely dry, but never drenched either. Your seedling will begin to emerge in a few days.


Root Transplant Shock

Trauma to the plant’s roots during transplantation is the primary cause of transplant shock. It is possible that it will cause the plant to wilt excessively, prevent it from fully re-rooting itself, and even cause the plant to die. One of the main advantages of planting seeds in their final container is that you won’t have to worry about transplant shock.


In Conclusion

Plant transplantation has complications. Even if carefully moved, an autoflowering plant will nearly never perform as effectively as one that was germinated in its final container. Always put freshly germinated autoflowering seeds in their final pots, rather than repotting them.

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