International church of cannabis hosts virtual smoke sesh

International Church of Cannabis Hosts Virtual Smoke Sesh

Cannabis businesses continue to adjust to restrictions put in place by COVID-19 outbreak

Denver’s International Church of Cannabis hosts an online, virtual community night to foster a sense of community as the COVID-19, Corona Virus continues to spread across the globe.

“As we are in lockdown due to efforts to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to try something very new and create a virtual community night for our regulars who are missing their friends and fellow Elevationists.”

The community encouraged attendees to discuss their feelings surrounding the epidemic and how their lockdown experience is going so far during the virtual smoke session on Wednesday.

This is one of many examples we have seen of cannabis brands making the best of this difficult time and using the sense of community cannabis creates to reinvent our social experience.

More information regarding the International Church of Cannabis and their community meetups can be found online at