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dutch grocery hoarding during corona crisis

Dutch Grocery Stores Overwhelmed In Initial Days Of Corona Crisis, Shocking Images (PHOTOS)

In the initial days since increased preventative measures have been put up across the Netherlands to combat the COVID-19 “Corona” Virus, residents have taken to social media to share the shock they experience upon arrival at grocery stores with empty shelves. Grocery stores across the Netherlands have experienced more traffic than they do at their busiest time of the year, the Christmas holiday season.

Many individuals arrived at the grocery store to empty shelves, as they had all weekend. Bread, rice, flour, and pasta products were amongst those hit hardest, despite claims from Prime Minister, Mark Rutte that the act of hoarding at this time is “retarded”.

Preventative Measures Put in Place

Protective shields were added in front of cash registers and many grocery stores have stopped accepting cash and are currently pin-only.

New measures have now been put in place in many stores, limiting the number of customers allowed per square meter of shop space.

More Empty Shelves

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